A Simple Spring Isn't So Simple

Industrial Spring, Minneapolis, Minn.

Our Solution

People don't think much about the springs that operate garage doors until they suddenly fail, which can be a potential safety hazard. So, Industrial Spring is focused on making the highest quality garage door springs.

Achieving that goal is dependent on getting quality materials. Industrial Spring was considering buying a new plated wire to use in making their springs. The plating was supposed to resist rusting or corrosion, and the manufacturer claimed it had a longer life.

An in depth examination by M. E. Williams found that the plating hid a number of defects in the wire that could easily cause failure under the stresses a wire spring needs to endure in high stress applications.

Thanks to the careful analysis, Industrial Spring learned of the characteristics of this wire and concluded it was not suitable for Industrial Spring's range of applications. Instead, they are considering other possibilities for improving spring integrity and performance, and bringing in M. E. Williams to help them set up their own quality control department.

We've relied on M.E. Williams' services for more than 8 years, and are highly satisfied customers. They've helped us with materials analysis, failure analysis, and helped us establish internal quality testing and control systems. M.E. Williams takes a "real life" approach, maximizing the value for the customer.
Jodi Boldenow, General Manager, Industrial Spring Company

A Closer Look

400X - Surface Defects Covered by Plating
400X - Spring Wire Defects Hidden by Plating
1500X - Spring Wire Defect Hidden by Plating

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