Technical Capabilities that can be used for Solving your Problems

M.E. Williams has available the following technical capacities:

Chemical Analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative mass spectrograph/gas chromatography for gasses and liquids.
  • Plastics, rubbers, and hydrocarbons in gas, liquid, or solid state.
  • Products of corrosion.
  • Residues and particles from sumps and filters.
  • Standard and special analysis of engine fluids (oil, antifreeze, etc.).
  • Standard and trace element analysis for commercial metals and alloys.

Surface Evaluations
  • EDS for determining compositions to 40 microns below the surface. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses are provided.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope surface imaging from 20X to 35,000X for identifying failure modes, nature of surface defects, and size distribution of particles

Metallographic Examinations
  • Material identification, including many alloy systems.
  • Phase relationships: metals, non-metals, and tooling materials. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses are provided.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of heat treatments and types of heat treating.
  • Determination of cleanliness of steels and other alloys.
  • Grain size distributions.
  • Determination of material defects.

Fracture Mechanics
  • Estimation of stress and strains involved in fracturing of metals and non-metals.

Other Capabilities useful in solving your problems
  • Photographic capabilities: technical digital and film photograph including microphotography.
  • SEM 20X to 35,000X.
  • Optical microscope 25X to 1500X, digital color imaging.
  • Micro-hardness testing.
  • Electronic Image Analysis.
  • Non-destructive testing: x-ray, magnetic particle inspection, penetrant inspection, and ultra-sonic inspection.

M.E. Williams and Associates, Inc., has been our consulting metallurgist for the past 14 years. They have completed many projects with regard to design, production, and failure analysis of our surgical instruments. Their professional wisdom and ability has been an asset to our organization. I continue to strongly recommend his services to other companies.
Stuart Lind, President, Annex Medical

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