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Point Source Solutions, Waseca, Minn.

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Clean air means better health and well-being for everyone. You'd be surprised at what's floating around in the air and can end up in homes, businesses, and even hospitals.

In order to convince a local hospital of the effectiveness of their new nano- topography activated charcoal air filters, Point Source Solutions installed their filter prior to the primary air filters the hospital had been using for years. M. E. Williams then analyzed the charcoal filters to see what the standard filter was missing.

The results? Soot from diesel smoke, black in photo. Road salt. Clay particles. Lead. All of it had been going right through the hospital's filters and into the building where it could be breathed in by patients and doctors alike. The hospital quickly switched to the Point Source Solutions filters.

M. E. Williams provided technical evaluations and documented proof to help Point Source Solutions show how effective their product is, and to overcome resistance to change.

In working with M.E. Williams and Associates, Inc. [we've] found their skills of critical thinking, observations, and reflecting, along with their engineering skills has increased the speed of scientific evaluations and helped us greatly with the decisions we had to make.
James Raetz, President, Point Source Solutions, Inc.

A Closer Look

1200X - Typical Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
10,000X - Typical Activated Particles of Point Source Activated Carbon
400X - Pollution Attached to Filter Material

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