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Solving a problem requires coming up with the correct solution. It's not just figuring out what happened, but why it happened and how to change it.

Selling a Better Filter
Selling a better air filter is easy when you can show your customer what the competition misses. Especially when your customer is a hospital and the competition is missing soot and lead.

No Room for Error in the Operating Room
It's a medical company's worst nightmare: product failure in the middle of an operation. The future of a company can depend on figuring out what happened and why, so it never happens again.

A Simple Spring Isn't So Simple
The quality of a product depends on the quality of its materials. So how do you know if your materials will hold up?

The $10,000 Band-Aid
When something fails do you replace it, or figure out why it failed in the first place? Replacement can be easy, but it can also be needlessly expensive.

M.E. Williams' expertise in metallurgical analysis and failure evaluation led to material changes that improved product reliability and reduced warranty costs. Testing and reporting was thorough, prompt, and effective.
Steve Wold, Director of Engineering, McQuay International

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